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Emotional Healing

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Symptoms Explained

Symptoms are like messages sent by a sick body part. Why might someone develop a headache? There can be many different reasons. Because some of them could be life-threatening, it’s important to determine what is causing the discomfort. A headache is a symptom. Dehydration, stress, or a concussion might be the cause.

Emotional cause-and-effect works in a similar but different way. Emotional wounds can cause symptoms to manifest in your life. Why might you feel depressed? Losing a job or unresolved conflict might lead to depression.

Emotional symptoms are manifestations of the heart. The heart is the source of the problem. Symptoms are helpful because they are more easily noticed, but otherwise they don’t serve much of a purpose. Eliminating the symptoms doesn’t help the underlying problem. The heart will remain sick.

When problems are ignored rather than resolved, this only leads to more consequences as symptoms multiply and intensify. More problems mean there is more pain to manage. Often, the cycle isn’t broken until the symptoms become severe enough that they can no longer be ignored. The person who is desperate for relief is finally ready to seek a real, lasting solution: healing the heart—the purpose of this course.

Symptoms can be evidence of the existence of serious problems. They show up in present day life but they connect to problematic life experiences. The symptoms you are experiencing should hint at what is really troubling you.

To become more aware of your symptoms, complete the Symptoms Checklist exercise.

What do you notice about your symptoms?

Why do you suppose these symptoms in particular are showing up in your life?

[Estimated Read Time=5 minutes, Exercise Time=30 minutes]

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