Emotional Healing

Matt Pavlik
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Emotional Healing is a self-guided therapeutic course. It guides the student through an intensive, experiential healing process. Participants will learn and apply a comprehensive and repeatable method that restores emotional health.

I (Matt) wrote Emotional Healing for those with an active Christian faith but who struggle to believe God’s truth applies to them. The course incorporates references to the Bible, prayer exercises, and therapeutic exercises and principles.

This course contains more detail than a typical counseling session. The steps that have been helping my clients for years will help you, too. However, you’ll also have access to my insights into healing that I gained as a professional counselor. In each text lesson, I describe what you need to know to make the most of the healing exercises.

What Does It Mean to Heal Emotionally?

To heal emotionally requires that you:

  • Understand what your heart needs and doesn’t need.
  • Learn healthy ways to manage your pain.
  • Remember uncomfortable experiences.
  • Confront negative beliefs with the truth of who God is and who you are.
  • Feel and express your emotions.
  • Stop avoiding pain in ways that do more harm than good.
  • Emphasize seeking God and bringing your pain to Him.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Are you motivated to pursue emotional healing?
  • Are you willing to face your emotional pain and learn how to grow from it?
  • Are you ready to put into practice what you learn from each lesson?
  • Are you an adult? (or 14 to 17 and under the guidance of a parent or professional counselor).

If remembering and feeling painful events prevents you from being able to perform your necessary daily tasks, you are strongly encouraged to seek the help of a professional counselor instead of, or at least in addition to, taking this course.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Learn how to overcome traumatic events.
  • Develop a closer relationship with God.
  • Transform negative self-worth to positive self-worth.
  • Become free from addictive behaviors.
  • Become more emotionally integrated and whole.


  • 12 Topics with 3 Lessons per Topic for a total of 36 Lessons.
  • Each Topic includes an interactive quiz to verify the student’s learning.

Each Lesson includes

  • A picture that illustrates a Lesson point
  • Text that teaches the Lesson
  • An exercise to facilitate putting the Lesson into practice
How is this course different from counseling or therapy?
Counseling is facilitated by a licensed professional. During a counseling relationship, a counselor can provide immediate feedback and insight into a client’s specific situation.
This emotional healing course is therapeutic, but it is not counseling or therapy. It presents a process for pursuing emotional healing, but it cannot provide feedback or anticipate a student’s specific emotional situation.
This course is not a substitute for professional counseling. However, it does provide a self-guided therapeutic experience.
Course details
Duration 36 hours
Lectures 37
Quizzes 12
Level Intermediate