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Play the long game. Advance God’s kingdom. Enjoy abundant life. Learn about your God-given Christian identity.

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Maximize The Results Of Your Counseling

Have you ever found yourself in dire need of help, but resisted or even rejected the help offered? Asking for help can be hard especially when you believe any of the following:

  • The help won’t help me.
  • My brokenness is beyond repair.
  • The cure will be worse than the disease.

People become hurt in the context of a relationship, so healing must also take place through a relationship. The counseling office is like a hospital for the emotionally distressed. Broken people heal through the relationship with their counselor.

Counseling is an amazing process of changing your perspective on life for the better. It works best when you openly share your hurt with your counselor, who is trained to help. When it’s working, no other intervention can compare to the benefits you will receive. You can experience an increasing excitement to live.

Help Me Help You teaches the skills to make your therapy not only successful but even desirable.

Matt wrote Help Me Help You to encourage you to seek the help you need from a counseling relationship. Start reading today to jumpstart your healing journey with your counselor.

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